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The Bumi Hills Foundation and Anti-Poaching Unit need your help to protect our diminishing wildlife here in Zimbabwe AND empower the local community whose livelihood is vital to the long-term renewal and survival of the environment and wildlife that call it home.


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Adopt A BHAPU Ranger

Our BHAPU Rangers fight on the front line in the War On Poaching – Every. Single. Day. They risk their lives, operate in hostile conditions and sacrifice time with their families for long periods, fighting to safeguard a future for all of us who live on this planet.

Invest in the future of our wildlife and wild places through our Ranger Fund, covering their salaries, meals and a safe place to come home to after their patrols.

Our focused investment programs ensure your money does exactly what we say it will and here your dollar goes so much further than you think.


188 Patrols
7,300 KM Patrolled on Foot
1,115 Active Hours on Patrol
143 Illegal Fishing Nets Recovered
(22,564 metres total in 2017!)
142 Deadly Wire Snares Removed & Recycled
51 Illegal Fishing Vessels Impounded
43 Poachers Arrested & Sentenced