Economic Empowerment

Uplifting the Community through Career Development


Unemployment Rate in Zimbabwe


Average # of Dependents to Every Employed Person in the District


Tertiary Education Facility in the District


Microfinance or Loan Opportunities Available in the Local Community

Aid dependency is a major factor hindering financial and economic development within the local community. By presenting the community with more opportunity, through the provision of skills, tools and financial support, there is huge potential for economic development and economic empowerment within the Sebungwe Region.


Infrastructure Development

With virtually no opportunity to further their education once they have completed secondary levels, school leavers are then faced with the enormity of an estimated unemployment rate of 90% in Zimbabwe. We intend on partnering with local government and other stakeholders to refurbish existing infrastructure as well as develop new tertiary education facilities for the advancement of higher education.


Skills Advancement

To begin working towards breaking the circle of poverty prevalent in the local community it is vital that individuals, especially youth, are given the opportunity to advance their skills through tertiary education curricula that is situationally-relevant. Improving the overall level of skills within the region is the first step to developing a self-sustaining economic environment for career development.


SME Development

An abundance of undeveloped land, favourable climatic conditions and natural resources available within the local area. Coupled with newly learnt skills, the development of successful SME’s and businesses will become possible. We aim to provide the link between the local community and internationally recognised microfinance schemes to facilitate the development and growth of business ventures.


Our goals toward economic empowerment and career development within the community have a long-term view, with strong focus to address adequate healthcare and education as priorities. If you’d like to invest in Africa’s economic future or have a specific project in mind, please contact us and let us know!