The Bumi Hills FoundationĀ sponsored the inaugural World Ranger Day celebration for ZimParksĀ Rangers at Tashinga in Matusadona National Park.

World Ranger Day is celebrated by conservationists across the world through the International Ranger Federation and provides rangers an opportunity to stand together in their fight!

The celebration at Tashinga comprised of speeches by Victor Nkhwebu (Area Manager) and James Slade (BHAPU), an interactive session where rangers shared their experiences and challenges, a delicious lunch prepared by the ranger’s wives and an impromptu music show by some of the multi-talented rangers. Although the focus of today is on the rangers we really enjoyed spending time with all the behind the scenes staff and families who often play an equally important role as the rangers!

We aim to grow this event in the coming years to include rangers from the private sector and other nearby National Parks.