Celebrating our Dedicated Rangers on World Ranger Day - 31 July 2017

On Monday 31 July 2017, dedicated Wildlife Rangers around the world were celebrated for their commitment to the safeguarding of wild animals and habitat.

The Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit (BHAPU) visited Tashinga Headquarters on Monday to celebrate with our partners in anti-poaching, the rangers and management of Matusadona National Park in the commemorations for World Ranger Day. For the second year running, the Bumi Hills Foundation sponsored the event and celebration at Tashinga to honor the rangers of the Sebungwe region.

A few photos below feature the children of rangers supporting their dedicated fathers and the senior management of Matusadona National Park along with our very own Conservation Manager Mark Brightman at the day’s festivities.

World Ranger Day 2017 -Tashinga Children of Rangers supporting their Dads
Senior Management - Matusadona National Park Zimbabwe - with BHAPU's own Mark Brightman
World Ranger Day 2017 -Tashinga Children of Rangers

We paid tribute to our BHAPU Rangers across social media too, with a feature on “What Makes a BHAPU Ranger?”. Check out the gallery below to see the full series of images and their story.

Our Rangers are an incredible group of guys, only to grow in numbers and impact in the coming months, and we invite you along our journey and fight against the odds to protect wildlife and habitat here in our corner of the world in Zimbabwe.

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