Loss of Elephants in the Area since 2006

The Bumi Hills Foundation and Anti-Poaching Unit need your help to protect our beautiful herds of Elephant here in Zimbabwe. By clicking the button above, you'll be able to make a donation to our Anti-Poaching Unit who are on-the-ground each day defending the Bumi Hills Elephants from poachers and wildlife traffickers. With your investment, the herd can flourish and breed in a safe environment. Help us save African Elephants from extinction in Zimbabwe.


How We Protect Zimbabwe's Elephants

Land Patrols

Structured ground coverage in anti-poaching is integral to identify and regulate all classes of illegal activity. Commercial snaring, subsistence hunting and prohibited harvesting of timber, are all daily infractions. Combined with the devastating decline of the region’s elephant population due to ivory poaching, proactive anti-poaching efforts are our primary mandate. Traditional bush skills and the use of innovative technology together allow for a comprehensive approach to our land patrol goals.

The largest man made lake (by volume) in the world, Lake Kariba has great ecological significance and benefit to the region. As traditional fishing methods are jeopardised through the use of illegal practices, fragile fish populations are becoming increasingly threatened. Lake patrols enforce regulations while curbing international fish and wildlife smuggling schemes and wildlife poaching on many of the lakes characteristic islands.

Reactive courses of action to poached animals and illegal hunting are often tragic and gruesome tasks, involving the recovery of ballistics from carcasses or removing wires from ensnared wildlife. Our commitment to the evaluation, analysis and collection of evidence, intends to ensure no wildlife poaching crime goes unpunished. Due to an assortment of investigative tools at our disposal, justice will be pursued for every loss of life.