Conserving Resources with a Better Use for Poaching Tools

Foundations. Everything built must have a strong foundation and as we continue to expand our ranger accommodation, this remains true.

Yet, The Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit approach is far from traditional. Our foundations are built on success, the success of our rangers. What better way to advocate these successes than to physically build upon them?

Recycling Poaching Tools into Anti Poaching Ranger Accommodation

That is why we have recycled over 200 wire snares and cartridge casings recovered from the bush to use as stabilising metal for the platform, which will soon hold the new accommodation block.

The snares were all set in order to trap and kill any species available, from thick cables capable of killing elephant, to thin single strand wires for small game. The cartridge casings interestingly came from an old uncovered shooting range site, dating back decades and are fortunately unlikely to have been involved in any cases of poaching.

The new accommodation block will house up to 8 new rangers and will be the first of our intended expansion plan. This will boost numbers and support on the ground while also providing a means to house any of our collaborating partners when conducting joint operations.

Aside from being practical, we feel that the symbolic nature of this helps to drive home our commitment towards conservation. By reusing these wire snares, we aim to not only conserve resources but also turn these indiscriminate killing tools into something positive.

These foundations represent the future to us. Building up, moving forward and definitely saving some animals from a grisly fate while we’re at it.

Recycling Poaching Tools into Anti Poaching Ranger Accommodation