Rangers Learn How to Cope with Emergency Situations in African Bush

As part of our continued Ranger Development Program, our new intake have recently been put through some of the most important training they will possibly ever receive in a rangers first aid course with ACE.

The awesome team at Ace Air and Ambulance have developed an advanced medical course specifically designed for guides and anti-poaching rangers, concentrating on identifying and responding to life threats, injuries and conditions they are likely to encounter in their line of work.

Watch our Rangers in Action!

In a rigorous three day schedule, the Rangers were put through their paces on matters of personal health and safety, victim assessment, CPR techniques and correct AED use, treatment of severe bleeding, major wounds, head and spine injuries, fractures, burns, snake bites and insect stings and heat exposure.

The course ended with a real life simulation involving a member of staff from the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge being trampled by an elephant while collecting firewood. The team of rangers showed great composure in handling the situation, which most of them thought was real for a long while, stabilising the ‘victim’, loading him onto a spine board and removing him to a safe recovery area to await further medical assistance.

We are very grateful to the ACE team for empowering our ranger unit by imparting their vital knowledge and experience. As one of the only conservation units in Zimbabwe covered by private international medical aid we are comforted in the knowledge that should any of us need to be evacuated for medical reasons we are in very good hands with the ACE team.