Mark McNulty, PGA Golfer, Invests Heavily to Protect Wildlife

A substantial contribution, of nearly 50% of the total amount required, has been received from PGA Tour Champions professional golfer Mark McNulty towards the construction of the new Anti-Poaching Ranger Accommodation Block at the Foundation HQ.

Artist schematics, indoor example setup and real example of Z-Imba structures for the NEW Ranger Accommodation Blocks being built through Mark’s investment and yours

McNulty, who grew up in Zimbabwe, was a recent visitor to the Bumi Hills Safari Lodge and said…

I for one really appreciate the hard work that is done by the Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Unit

The funding raised is being put towards the construction of a new accommodation block to house an additional 12 Anti-Poaching Rangers.

The new Zimbabwean manufactured Z-Imba building has been selected for this purpose as its modular design allows for easy relocation to a new site as required. The funding received to date has allowed for the purchase of the materials required to complete the foundation for the new structure. As soon as work on the refurbishment of the existing building is complete the building team will begin laying the foundation for the new accommodation block.

We are absolutely blown away by Mark’s generosity, as the funds he has contributed to BHAPU will go a long way in ensuring that our scouts are adequately equipped and accommodated here at the base.

At Bumi Hills Foundation, we take pride in providing the highest standards of living to our staff, so that they have a place of respite to recharge after a long day or night patrolling the bush and protecting wildlife.

Mark McNulty Invests in Anti-Poaching at Bumi Hills Foundation through funding of Ranger Accommodation Block

Refurbishment on the Existing Blocks Has Been Completed - Pictured Above