Exciting Updates at Bumi Will Improve Scope & Efforts

We are very excited to have taken delivery of our new patrol vehicle, funded by the Bumi Hills Foundation trustees and various other investors.

The Land Cruiser pick-up arrived at the HQ this week after a long and bumpy drive from Harare!

The vehicle is equipped with a VHF radio and long range fuel tanks and aftermarket LED lighting for use on night operations. Thanks need to go to trustees, Pete and Kate van Deventer, who also gave us a complete set of rims and tyres for the vehicle which will ensure that we will never be bogged down by too many punctures! 

New Toyota Landcruiser for Anti Poaching Team

Local building contractors have broken ground on the foundation for our new ranger accommodation block following the generous contribution from PGA Golfer Mark McNulty recently. The slab is expected to be completed by the end of the week while we continue to raise the funds required for the purchase of the prefabricated Z-Imba structure. If you can assist in helping us give our rangers the accommodation they deserve, please click the button below to invest.

Construction work on the kitchen expansion at the HQ is complete and our team of in-house trained labourers will begin painting and installing the electrical and water fittings on the building this week, much to the relief of the camp cook who has had his hands full fending off the marauding baboons and monkeys who have worked out how accessible the makeshift kitchen is!