Giving Education in Zimbabwe a Boost by Investing in the Next Generation


Primary School Pupils for every One Teacher


of Primary School Pupils Go On To Secondary School


Average Age Children Leave School Indefinitely


National Average Public Examination Pass Rate

The next generation is key to the long term upliftment of community and the conservation of wildlife and wilderness. Through infrastructure reconditioning, skills development and support, and logistical assistance we aim to bolster education in Zimbabwe by giving every child growing up in the community the opportunities they deserve.


Infrastructure & Equipment

Human population growth within the region coupled with a severe lack of financial support has left the education sector in a poor state. Much of the infrastructure is dilapidated, equipment broken and reference material out of date. Some schools don’t have classrooms and lessons are conducted outside. We aim to provide financial support towards the development of new infrastructure and the refurbishment and upgrading of existing infrastructure to ensure a conducive learning environment is available for all children.


Employment & Training

A limited local skills base and very few qualified Tonga-speaking teachers working in the area means that most lessons being taught in either Shona or English. Not only does this pose a challenge for pupils who are being taught in a second language but also threatens the existence of Batonga customs, traditions and practices. We aim to support the educational development of the local skills base by providing financial support towards tertiary education for members of the local community to reverse this trend and protect the fragile Batonga culture.


Curriculum Support

Inadequate teaching aids, an unsuitable teaching environment and general a lack of resources  has resulted in most curriculum and subject matter becoming out of date and not being taught correctly. We aim to partner with the Ministry of Education and other organisations in developing more applicable and environmentally conscious curriculums ensuring that a culture of conservation and environmental awareness becomes the norm in future generations.    


Our goals toward education within the community will be focused on infrastructure redevelopment and new buildings as well as providing power and water to the facilities through the use of solar. If you’d like to invest in Africa’s educational future or have a specific project in mind, please contact us and let us know!