Grab a look into our daily life here at the BHAPU headquarters

Through the photo story below get a brief look into what we’re up to!

This is ‘Elliot’. A young bull who frequently visits base – his breaking in attempts have been thwarted by the construction of a sturdy stone wall – much to his annoyance!

Meet Innocent Mabika, our resident researcher, who conducts important research work on the exotic and invasive Red-Clawed Crayfish (originally from Australia), which has now become firmly established in Lake Kariba.

Important research work is carried out on elephant tooth wear and aging structure. At all the carcasses we investigate, the lower jaws are routinely collected for this purpose.

Communications are of fundamental importance, and the regular servicing of our ‘repeater’ station is critical.

Meet ‘George’ – our young bushbuck who is a regular visitor.

And this is ‘Ronaldo’, who seems to have adopted the base as a ‘safe house’ after frequent brushes with other bushbuck males in the area.

And the chaps who keep us all fed and watered on Base. Sifelani and Bright – our hardworking camp staff.