About Us

Protect Rehabilitate Empower

We will stop at nothing to ensure that our diminishing wild places are protected against the destructive actions of poaching, preserved for the benefit of the environment and rehabilitated where necessary for the future generations of people and wildlife alike.

Healthcare Objective

It is vital that adequate healthcare is available to any community for it to thrive. There is huge scope to improve the general state of the healthcare within the region and through mindful planning and implementation we will be able to have an enormous positive impact on the general health of the local population.

Education Objective

The current generation holds the key to the success of future generations. Through education programmes focused on infrastructural development, curriculum enhancement, teacher support and logistical assistance we will open the door to more positive, successful and environmentally conscious future generations.

Economic Empowerment Objective

One of the biggest challenges faced by rural communities in the developing world is breaking the circle of poverty without external assistance. We will provide the necessary tools, skills and financial support to enable financial growth, independence and stability among the local community.

Our Team

Each member of our team has an intense passion for conservation coupled with experience, knowledge, technical ability and an unwavering determination to protect and rehabilitate the wildlife and wilderness in the region and to uplift and empower the local community in doing so.


Perched on a ridge overlooking wildlife and Lake Kariba, our HQ is perfectly located for the most effective reaction to any threat. The HQ is powered by a solar inverter system coupled with solar water heaters and a biological waste management system to ensure the whole complex is as eco-friendly as possible.


Collaboration and building strategic relationships is the key to long-term success and we are very proud of the professional relationships we have developed with our partners to date.