APU Report: Week in Review

The first week of 2018 was a whirlwind of negative & positive moments

The year began with an injured elephant that, despite our best efforts and those of the veterinary team of Aware Trust Zimbabwe, did not make it.

The elephant was found during a routine patrol with a large wound in his leg. The young bull kept the wound below the water line allowing for extra buoancy to relieve weight off his infected leg and the cool water providing pain relief.

Thanks to the overwhelming response to our appeal we were able to collect the Aware Trust Zimbabwe vets from Kariba town and attempt a rescue.

Following a thorough assessment of the elephant and his wounded leg, the diagnosis was that he had an extensive open fracture most likely caused by a bullet resulting in shattering of the humerus. Due to the untreatable nature of the injury we were devastated to learn and share with our supporters that the elephant had to be euthanized.

We would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support. The funds raised have allowed us to make a significant donation to the veterinary volunteers at the Aware Trust Zimbabwe.

After a tragic start to the year, our Bumi Hills Anti Poaching Unit (BHAPU) rangers managed to recover and destroy over 12,000 metres of illegal nets in fishing camp raids in just 48 hours!

Considering we recovered 42,000 metres in the whole of 2017 we were off to a pretty good start!

Full results from the first week include over 22,000 metres of illegal netting, 5 illegal boats and 6 Zambian and 14 Zimbabwean arrests all leading to successful prosecutions and jail time. Unfortunately, all of this time spent out on the lake patrolling and achieving such targets, caused us to blow our entire monthly fuel budget of $1,000 and we desperately need some more support to keep the pressure up on these illegal elements!

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